Summer Grove Condominiums

Application and Links

Summer Grove Condominiums is proud to offer the following resources

Tenant online access to Property Information

Click here for preliminary application - Tenant portal

Use our Quick Review for indication of possible approval prior to spending anything, (approval still subject to final application and fee) We recommend income of 3x rent.

  • Safety and Security Products

    College Campuss Safety - Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Be Safe at Home, School or Work


  • Vacation and Laundry Services

    All Star Laundry - Heading to SW Florida anytime soon? stop in for quick laundry, wash and fold services in Sarasota, Siesta Keys. Spend your time on the beach, not doing laundry.


  • Tenants Assistance and Resources

    Cox Communications - Exclusive provider of high speed broadband internet, digital cable and phone for Summer Grove

    Demco - your link to our Electricity provider - for customer service call: 225-261-1221

    RentoMeter - compare online our lease rates to other properties, we think we are a good deal!